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April 12, 2015
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April 27, 2015
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Now I will show how to wireless router setup. we will take from ISP( IP,GW,Subnet mask and DNS) or user name and Password or DHCP system.if ISP are give us ( IP,GW,Subnet mask and DNS) than we will configure this system are given below :

At first I will connect with UTP(RJ45) cable PC to Router (N.B must be router LAN port). after that open PC and click network bar > open network sharing center > change Adapter setting > right click Local Area connection > properties > TCP/IP(IPv4) > obtain and IP address automatically > Apply > OK

PC browser open > gateway ( browse and user name=admin password=password > next

Step1: click Basic router setting > IP =,Subnet mask=,G.W=
DNS=, > Apply

Step2: LAN IP Setup > IP=, IP subnet mask= and DHCP server(select) > Apply. and now we will ping G.W form PC > run > cmd> ping -t if we get ping then we can understand ISP connection is ok

step3: now put the IP address in the windows PC such as, subnet= and G.W= and now we will ping G.W form PC > run > cmd> ping -t if we get ping then configure is right.

wireless configure: click >wirless settings > name(SSID)=Black Dimod(any name) > WiFi Region ( as per your country) > Auto > Mode > g and b > security options > WPA-PSK > passphrase=dimond789##(any keyword) > Apply

Now you can use internet with WiFi