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VPN Configuration step by step

VPN Configuration

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Virtual: Virtual means not genuine or in another state of being. In a VPN, private communication between 2 or many devices is accomplished through with a

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Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Virtual: Virtual means not genuine or in another state of being. In a VPN, private communication between 2 or many devices is accomplished through with a public network the Internet. Consequently, communication is virtually but not physically there.

Private: Private means to hold something hidden from the universal public. While those 2 devices are communicating with one another in a public surrounding, there is no 3rd party who can break up this communication or encounter any data that is changed between them.

Network: A network belongs to 2 or more devices that can freely and electronically intercommunicate with one another via cables and wire. A VPN is a network. It can broadcast data across long distances efficaciously and expeditiously.

The condition VPN has been consorting in the past with such remote control connectivity services for the  Public Switched telephony Network but VPN networks have ultimately begun to be collected with IP-based data networking.

Before IP founded networking potbellies had dropped appreciable quantities of time and resourcefulnesses, to set up composite private networks, now generally called in Intranets.

These networks were established by applying pricey chartered line services, border Relay, and ATM to integrate remote users. For the lower sites and mobile actors on the remote terminal, companies appended their networks with remote access hosts or ISDN.

A VPN is a rising technology that has an advanced way. From an unsafe break off of common Telephone networks to a mighty business assist that applies the Internet as its gateway.

VPN’s technology is still rising, and this is a capital advantage to businesses, which motivation to have technology that is capable of exfoliation and originate along with them. With VPN businesses now have mutually exclusive profits to provide to their employees,

employees can work from the house, take care of babies while inactive, doing generative, and have to approach work-related selective information at any time. The VPN will also help to build the hypothesis of an occupation building its services across long distances and globally, more information.

VPN Configuration with MikroTik Router step by step below:

Step1:  At first click, PPP then click interface then click  PPTP Server  then click Enable > Apply > OK
Step2: PPP > Secrets + Name=test2, password=test , profile= defaultencryption, Local address= be other end Gateway), Remote address= (any private IP Local site) > Apply >OK

Windows PC Configuration:

Dial up create for windows PC: Open Network and  Sharing Center > Setup a new connection or Network > Connect to workplace > Next > use my internet connection (VPN) click > Internet address = Real IP > Next >connect ( finished ): Step by Step figure has given below
Click set up a new connection or network, VPN connection> then click connected to a workplace then click next.
Click Connect to the workplace then fill up internet address such as (43.224117.198) must be real IP
then click next.
Click Open Network and  Sharing Center  then click Change adapter settings then click VPN connection  then put user name and password then click connect >ok
you can see the video tutorial for better understand:



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