How to Port Forward with MikroTik router step by step

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February 11, 2015
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February 25, 2015
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What is port forwarding and how to work?

On your router you can define what occurs while traffic comes out organised to a particular port and type of communications protocol. Source-Connect uses the user datagram protocol (UDP) and by default is hearing on ports 6000 and 6001. In order, we assure your router that if traffic enters along these ports, transmit the data immediately to the IP address from your Source-Connect computer.Local anesthetic port forwarding is the more common case of port forwarding. They’re wont to forward information firmly from a different customer practical application running on the equivalent computer as the assure Shell customer. Port forwarding is a way of guaranteeing that Source-Connect can build a joining. Entertain your network: you’ve an ISP, Cable with a router which associates to the internet, and one or a lot computers joined to that modem/router. The router makes has a PUBLIC IP destination which whatever computer on the internet put up attend. Your computers associate internal to that router and have a PRIVATE IP destination. Your national network is secure and addressed from the public internet, which implies that extra computers generally can not detect you. In order, interface forwarding is a way of specifically permitting the internet ascertain sealed helps on your computer, for example author- associate, when protective your computer from the internet as a whole.

Now I will configure how to port forward with MikroTik Router and step by step

Step1: winbox > IP > Firewall > NAT + General > Chain=distnat > Dst. Address = (any Real IP) > Protocol=tcp > Dst.port =55554 > Apply > OK

Step2: IP > NAT + Action=dist nat > To Addresses = > Apply > OK